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The satellite herd gains five new little bison

Kamica, with a calf of unknown gender, joined the herd on 15 July; on 17 July, an elderly female bison - formerly a leader of the Dobrzany herd - gave birth to yet another calf. The birth took place within the herd: This satellite herd created in 2008, gained five calves in total.

Latest photos of the bison with calves are in Gallery 6

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The herd gets bigger

A four-year old cow with newly-born female calf returned to the herd on 7 July. Kamica is still absent.

Wnyk na nodze żubrzycy
W trakcie zabiegu
Już po wszystkim

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Additional calves

In the Drawsko herd, other cows have departed, in order to give birth. Two cows are absent: Kamica, an elderly female bison, who had previously given birth to calves in Białowieża; and a four-year old, who is likely to give birth to her first calf.

There were three confirmed births in Mirosławiec forest. The herd is occupying difficult terrain, so there may be others.

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The first calves

The bison from Dobrzany forest and Drawsko forest have merged into one herd. They occupy the territory of Drawsko forest. Ósma, the female bison who had the snare removed from her leg in March, was left in Dobrzany forest. She has almost stopped limping now, and her physical condition has improved. Amazingly, even after this traumatic experience, she gave birth to a calf - probably a bull - on 4 June. This is the first bison born in Ińsko region. We were able to photograph the calf and mother on 14 June: They are both well, but the photo is of poor quality because Ósma is a very cautious and protective mother.

A calf was born on 18 June to the joint herd in Drawsko forest. This is most likely a female calf born to a four-year old, brought into the Łobez forest. The birth took place within the herd, and the calf is being looked after not only by the mother, but also by at least one "auntie". The photographs of the small calf were taken on 21 June: The calf grows rapidly and will soon be able to easily follow the herd.

Ósma z cielakiem
Krowa z cielakiem w Drawsku
Krowa z cielakiem w Drawsku
Krowa z cielakiem w Drawsku
Połączone stado w Drawsku
Byki w Drawsku

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The herds joined (lets hope , not for long)

The herd from Dobrzany, seven individuals, came close to the western border of the Dobrzany herd three times last month. On the morning of 30th of April the Dobrzany herd  crossed the western border and walked through the whole territory  to the eastern boarder. The same day they moved back to the west and met the Drawsko herd in the evening. They have been together for two days, but clearly they stay in two separated groups. We hope it will not last long and that the herds will split soon. As for now Karwia, is a leader of two herds.  

połączone stada żubrów

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People like to watch our bison

On Sunday 19th of April near the number 10 country road not far from Piecnik our herd took the attention of people traveling by car. We can see below people smiling as they watched and took pictures of the bison.

Wnyk na nodze żubrzycy
W trakcie zabiegu
Już po wszystkim

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Wounded female bison named Osma is getting better

Kliknij aby powiększyćOsma is the four year old female that we had to untangle from the wire snare.  Since then she has been staying alone in 4 sq km of the Kozia Gora Forest near the adaptation enclosure.  We gave her a radio collar so we can watch her. The attached image was made with a photo trap ( a gift from Ecotone - THANKS!! )  we can follow her healing process closely. You can see the wound over her front left leg.

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Wire snare on bison's leg

On the 26th of Febuary we mentioned that one of the bison was limping. After the snow melted we had no further reports of it. But again during heavy snowing in March we were able to trace the bison. We found out that one of the female bison had a loop of wire wrapped around her front leg - it was a snare that had been set by poachers!  This had caused a deep wound which had become hard and the whole leg was swollen. The bison itself was suffering and was in a really poor condition. We were able to unwrap the wire  and did all we  could to help the wound to heal. Than we set the bison's collar so it would be easier for us to find her if she needed more help.

After the surgery the bison is back in the area where he spent the last 5 months and we are continuing to feed her.

Wnyk na nodze żubrzycy
W trakcie zabiegu
Już po wszystkim

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Bison after winterPontek

All the bison from our herds went through the winter and are now in a very good condition. Thanks to good feeding they spent less time in the open areas where they could have done more damage to farmers' plantations.

Thanks to data from their collars we know the places the animals most like to visit.  This allows us to build the new  troughs for next winter.

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Bison in summer areas

Kliknij aby powiększyć

The Dobrzany bison herd is back to its summer area.  They went 4 km east and are now not far from the accommodation enclosure in Kozia Gora Forest.


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Big relief - Whole herd counted up

From October 2008 the herd of Dobrzany was observed with number of seven not eight. We had had unconfirmed reports one of bison died. Fortunately big snow cover allowed us trace "lost" bison and find it alive! What a nice surprise. Four years old female had to live the herd as a result of broken or over stretched leg. She still has problems to follow the herd. She is under our observation and will be cured if it necessary.

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Collars Change-over Finished

Last days of February we collared last 9Th bison in this season. The images below show 2 cows being collared.

Karwia po założeniu obroży
Byk przed założeniem obroży
Byk po założeniu obroży


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Pontek Pontek Dies


Bull Pontek which was brought to Mirosławiec from Pszczyna in 2005 died 15th February as a result of fight for the leadership in the herd.


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Still Feeding

It is feeding season now, so we are very busy doing that with our 3 herds - from Mirosławiec, Drawsko, Dobrzany. Bison are very happy to eat beetroot and oat. Hay is not taken so likely. We will keep feeding till middle of April.

Paśnik w Nadleśnictwie Drawsko
Paśnik w Nadleśnictwie Mirosławiec
Paśnik w Nadleśnictwie Drawsko

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Collar change over

According to our project six bison were collared with GPS system last April. Now is time to change old collars (those which are not working) for new. It is necessary to shoot the bison with anestetics, as for now we got 3 individuals recollared, there are six more to be done.

Karwia po założeniu obroży
Byk przed założeniem obroży
Byk po założeniu obroży


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Feeding during winter season

Kliknij aby powiększyć

The herd released from enclosure in Lobez forest moved to Drawsko forest. It looks they are not going to be back despite the troughs  are full with food. We decided than to built the new trough in the area of present being of the bison. They haven't found it yet.

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Latest news

People who went to the forest to pick up the mushrooms witnessed the birth of baby bison. We have never had the information about bison birth so late in the year. Last year calf was born in September and now is doing really well.

On 17th of October 2008 the Committee of Wojewodzka Rada Ochrony Przyrody w Szczecinie (The Board of County Nature Protection in Szczecin) took place. We presented our achievements under the project of THE DEVELOP & THE PROTECTION OF ZACHODNIPOMORSKIE HERD. The board approved progresses we made.

The auction for the  food supply  is finilised. Firts part will be delivered next week.

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Ukrainian bison dramatic situation

During the conference in Cisna our colleagues from Ukraine Ivan Parnikoza, Vladimir Borej  and Vladimir Sesin presented  speech about dramatic fall of bison population in Ukraine. From 1992 the population of 685 fall to 210 in 2007. Some of the free herds were totally exterminated. Please find below e-mail addresses of Ukrainian government as well as the the letter which you can sign and send to them.

Ministry of natural protection of Ukraine

Foreign Ministry of Ukraine

State Committee of Forestry

European bison in Ukraine appeal (English)

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6Th international conference - "Bison in Nature 2000"

15Th - 16Th of September in Cisna ( Bieszczady ) the 6Th international conference  "Bison in Nature 2000" took place. Many important  reports were presented. We presented our one where all necessary infos from our project were given.

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Bison dies in car accident

      On the night of 22nd  of  August near Piecnik (at Miroslawiec district) one of our bisondied instantly being hit by a lorry. Bison frequently cross the road at this place  .There are warning signs and speed limit ( 70 km/h ) to inform drivers the  animals . Sadly some ignore the warnings . The lorry driver was unhurt in the accident.

The unlucky bison was being watched often and regularly pictured -he had been  easy to recognize as he had  one of his horns broken off .


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Two new troughs  ready !

There were 4  troughs  to be built according to the project : "THE PROTECTION OF POLISH BISONS : THE DEVELOP  AND PROTECTION OF ZACHODNIPOMORSKIE HERD"Trought in Dobrzany 
Two of them were built inside the enclosures where bison spent over three  months acclimatizing
to their new environment  . The troughs  are not visited often after bison are released . They link it to place of captivity and troughs are empty  . We have built two others in the  most frequented places - they are not attracted either - This will change in autumn when we fill them with  hay , beetroot and oats .

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After bison  were set free the fences were removed

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Karwia joines the herd

On 21st march 2008 the delivery of bison from Bialowieza National Park to Forest of Lobez  took Karwiaplace . One of the bison's managed to escape from the enclosure - a female named Karwia - She headed to a military training area and stayed there. Being very aware of people -She was spotted only twice  . On 19th 07 08 we released the whole herd which  moved the same direction Karwia  had  and they found each other after a few days . Karwia became a leader - all the bison are more careful now and getting  closer than 200 meters is almost impossible. This makes reading the dates from collar transmitter by radio signals  very difficult . 


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One month on the wild.


Bull Poradnik


Lobez herd area 

Bisons in Ginawa
Bison with a telemetry collar
Herd near the forest

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Bisons on the wild!

For the first time  in  28 years , at West Poland ,  new herds of wild living bison are being created  . In 1980 professor Ryszard Graczyk brought 8 bison to the forest of Walcz - they formed the beginning  of a herd numbering 42 at present .

ZTP signed an agreement with EF regarding financing the project :  "THE PROTECTION OF POLISH BISONS : THE DEVELOP  AND PROTECTION OF ZACHODNIPOMORSKIE HERD"  the project is also financially supported by PKO SA Bank . The time of 18 months to prepare all necessary details ( such as enclosures location ) has been spent ,   before the agreement was made . On signing the agreement   we began work  . Our first and most important task  was to create  two wild living herds of bison in the area of Insko Lakes .

Building a troughTroughBringing a bison

BisonsBisonsOTelemetry collarsRemoving the fence

Two enclosures 4 hectares each were built in Dobrzany forest and Lobez forest . First  12 females from Bialowieza National Park ( East of Poland) were brought on 21st of March 2008 . The 2 bulls from Kobior forest and other 2 from Niepolomice forest  came on 10th  April .The  bison spend 3 months in enclosures - time for quarantine , acclimatizing and to built the hierarchy within the herds . The  two  oldest cows and adult bull from each herd were collared with telemetric transmitter - from  Vetronic-Aerospace - sending   information - such as : location of animal every hour , the activity of bison and its temperature  measured every 5 minutes etc. and all the dates are sent with packages every 7 hours . So we can monitor  each herd .


    Herd Dobrzany

    Herd Łobez   


phones: 0913972935, 0661647616, 0501009692


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